Sue Cardwell

The author

Among my many roles and passions, I’m a food writer. I live and work in Auckland. I’m interested in (but not dogmatic about) sustainability, lowering food miles, organic and ecosystem-friendly farming methods, heritage varieties, trends in marketing food and drink and food innovation.

I started this blog to celebrate the great innovation happening in food and drink all around us. We have wonderful new foods to try thanks to Kiwi innovation and I love sharing them here.

I also share recipes that I try or invent, especially when they’re a wee bit special.

Find some inspiration and share your experiences in a comment or re-post!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I have just come across your fabulous blog about Aceto Downunder, thank you for those very kind and thoughtful words. Yes, we do have the real balsamico which is heavenly. We support the Italian Festival every year a wonderful day. I have put this lovely blog on Aceto Downunders website and on our FB page .We look forwards to meeting you one day at La Cigale

    Naomi Aceto Downunder.com

  2. I love what I’ve seen so far—dammit, time for a quick ‘inter-snack’ bite or two; you’ve made me hungry.

    Looking through your blog it’s no wonder Southlanders can’t stand (hooooick-SPIT!) Aucklanders—there’s nothing like that down here. (Nothing wrong with traditional meat-and-two-veg followed by a pav anyway.)(So there~!)

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