The Offal Club


From the Offal Club website. Photography by Paul Statham

Over the past 50 years our tastes have grown for softer, sweeter, easier foods. Unfortunately, this means that we waste more of the food we cultivate. For example, we eat more chicken breast than any other part of the chicken. (Journalist Felicity Lawrence has some powerful examples in her book “Not on the label.”)
As the Offal Club website puts it, “it’s respectful. It’s polite to not waste the food that was paid for with a life.”
Cooking sweetmeats can be daunting. We can take inspiration from traditional recipes, or we can let the Offal Club inspire us.
The Club, recently reinitiated,  takes ‘organ meat’ to a new level of fine dining that even the timid will enjoy. The club’s chef João Martins provides classes and feasts for those keen to live a life less wasteful, or just try something new.


2 thoughts on “The Offal Club

  1. Cooking offal is already on my foodie bucket list. I enjoy eating many kinds of offal but yet to take the plunge to cooking it. I think that there is an offal for every meat eater out there. You just got to find it.

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