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Farinata: gluten free chickpea flatbread

Super easy, super yummy

Super easy, super yummy

I’ve been dreaming of farinata – a chickpea flour pancake – since I had it near Genova years ago.

I finally got around to trying a recipe this week – and it’s super easy!

The batter is simply chickpea flour and water, whisked to a runny consistency, then olive oil is added after the mix sits for a few hours. I also added salt and rosemary for flavour.

The batter is poured into a well-greased pan and baked for 20 minutes.

This is an awesome breakfast, lunch or dinner! Works well on its own, or try it as part of a vegetarian or gluten-free buffet.


2 thoughts on “Farinata: gluten free chickpea flatbread

  1. I am farinata addicted and during my childhood in Italy I used to eat it a lot. You are right, it’s extremely fast and easy, crunchy on the top and creamy on the inside. I’ve planned to prepare it this weekend sprinkled with a lot of fresh white pepper

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