What if carrots were purple?

Really purple carrots!

Really purple carrots!

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare

What’s in an expectation? Does it affect our sense of tastiness? In a dish, what’s the right balance between surprising and weird?

If we had a meal made up of foods that were naturally unexpected colors, what would it be like to eat it?

I found myself thinking of these questions at the French Market in Parnell. Their heritage vegetables included purple carrots and carrot-coloured beetroot. It was as if they’d swapped clothes for the day!

Reader challenge!

What’s your favourite funny-coloured food? Could you design a menu completely out of weird-coloured foods? Like blue corn chips with chocolate-coloured pepper dip maybe…

Answers in the comment box 🙂


Some more pics from the awesome French Market…




One thought on “What if carrots were purple?

  1. We have maroon carots here (Texas) and it is sort of wierd to cook with them. Makes the strangest salad ever!

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