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Is your food poetic enough?

Poetry. Once upon a time, the food of love… and probably most other feelings. Poetry is perhaps our most fundamental medium for depicting the human condition… and then transcending it.

But where does poetry fit in modern life? And what has it got to do with food?

The folks at Pipi Cafe who make Poesy bread think they have an answer. They bundle New Zealand-made flatbread (it’s something like a pizza base) with New Zealand-made poetry, all in a quirky pink package.

There is nothing we can say,

nothing at all to be done

to undo the time of day;

no words to make the sun

roll east, or raise the dead.

A. R. D. Fairburn | poesy poems #101

The pack messaging also encourages us to think outside the box in terms of uses for Poesy bread. I decided on flatbread pizzas, and raided my larder for toppings.

I cut each bread into three so I would have no fewer than six different pizza choices! Clockwise from top left they are…

  1. Classic capers (that is, great tomato sauce and capers, no cheese – try it, it’s great!)
  2. Walnuts, Kikorangi blue cheese and sour cream
  3. Marvellous margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella)
  4. Perfectly pesto (alla genovese)
  5. H’h’hot Jalapenos! (so good!)
  6. Emmental, my dear Watson (with onion marmalade)

And amazingly, they were each as good as the others – that is, lip-smackingly so!

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