Tanto – top Japanese tapas

Tanto's savoury 'custard'

Tanto’s savoury ‘custard’ or Owan Mushi

Japanese food has many appealing qualities. It’s tasty but healthy – and still filling.

Great Japanese restaurants are experiences that you’ll remember for ever. They combine everything that’s great about east Asian cooking with the refinement of French cuisine.

I was pleasantly surprised by Tanto, a casual family restaurant on Manukau Road, Epsom. It’s casual, tapas-style dining, with a high-tech twist in their use of iPads for their specials.

Owan Mushi is like a steamed omelette

Owan Mushi is like a steamed omelette

The dish I chose, Owan Mushi, was intriguingly described as ‘custard’. Naturally, I had to order it.

It was something like an omelette but possibly steamed rather than fried. (Is that even possible? I don’t  know, but it seemed to work. 🙂 )

Tanto is reasonably priced, and the service is friendly. The menu is varied with several authentic and unusual choices. Thoroughly recommended.



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