Image credit Michal Zacharzewski

Image credit Michal Zacharzewski

New Zealand is a dairy country, after the British tradition of mass-produced bland cheddar cheese. I get this. I understand where it comes from.  But it doesn’t have to be that way any more!

I mean, isn’t it kinda sad that when a Kiwi says ‘cheese’ they mean one single kind of cheese (presumably they’ve discounted all others as new-fangled nonsense!). And when they hear ‘cheddar’, it takes them a moment to realise that we’re talking about the big block cheese they normally buy.

People in this country are making awesome cheeses (see Crescent, Over the Moon and Hohepa elsewhere on this blog, for example). Life is too short and calories too costly to eat bad cheese.

My worst cheap cheese bugbear concerns pizza. Cheddar should not, as a rule, be associated with pizza.

(If an enterprising chef designs an extra-special kiwi-inspired pizza which deliberately involves good cheddar, I’ll make an exception.)

To use cheddar because it’s cheaper than mozzarella, or because it’s more widely available, or because you just don’t know any better?! You don’t deserve to be a pizzaiolo. Take off your apron.

Has anyone else experienced horrendous cheese mismatch experiences?


One thought on ““Cheese”

  1. For myself—having a loooong time ago been precious (okay, a bit pretentious) about cheese, at a time when I travelled a lot and most didn’t—I knew the difference. Now as my tastes have matured (some might say degenerated~?) I’m happy to curl up with a kilo (gasp!) of colby (gasp!) and carve paper-thin slices from it. I eat them the way mere mortals eat crisps. And no, my heart hasn’t jumped from my body and I’m still disgustingly slim and trim.

    My gripe with kiwi-made Camembert (and similar) types is that all the ones I tried (until I gave up) reeked of ammonia. So it was back to Mr Colby’s esteemed product and dig in …

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