Delicious (Kiwi) Scotch Ale

“Scotch Ale is made with only natural ingredients: hops, 6 malts, water and yeast. It contains no additives.”

I had the pleasure of sharing Sprig & Fern’s Scotch Ale at an Indian Meetup dinner.

The ale is smooth without being excessively heavy, malty and very drinkable. Sprig & Fern’s master brewer and co-owner Tracey Banner sticks to good brewing values: you won’t find additives in this Nelson-produced beer.

You can find S&F beers in some Pak’n’Saves, Supervalues and New Worlds as well as more specialised outlets. Better still, you can order online!

I began my love affair with ale in Scotland, so the flavour profile of this one really appealed to me. But in case you think I’m biased, others at the dinner were very appreciative as well. I’ll definitely be coming back for more of this loveliness.


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