Food and community

photo credit: lotusutol via photopin cc

photo credit: lotusutol via photopin cc is an international site for local get-togethers. People join the site and set up interest groups which others can join. Sometimes they’re as general as the Auckland Friendship Group, while other times they are about very specific hobbies or jobs.

Recently there has been a surge in popularity of the food-related meetups in New Zealand. There are meetup groups based on cooking classes, dinner parties, restaurant visits and more. People just love getting together to create, dine, share their passion for food and drink! I think this is marvellous! Food brings people together in the way it has done for millennia.

One of my current favourites is the AKL My Kitchen Rocks group. I’ve experienced some of the most amazing home-cooked menus in this dinner party group. Last night was Incredible India. The wonderful chef Arun made north Indian dishes so scrumptious that we were all begging for the recipes by the end! makes it possible for community spirit to grow in the anonymity of city life. If you haven’t signed up yet, do!


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