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Cavolo Nero Risotto

A mountain of finely chopped cavolo nero!

A mountain of finely chopped cavolo nero!

Cavolo nero is essentially kale. It’s one of those super-healthy dark green vegetables which are great for topping you up on all the vitamins you need. It also has a yummy strong flavour which I find somewhere between savoy cabbage and spinach.

Here’s a good one-pot meal to get you enjoying cavolo nero.

Ingredients (serves three)

  • A bunch of cavolo nero / kale
  • An onion
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • Arborio risotto rice (I used four handfuls, you could increase it a little for a larger dish)
  • A knob of butter
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetable stock
  • Parmesan cheese (30g ish)
  1. Prepare the cavolo. The thing to remember here is that it has loads of texture which doesn’t soften much with cooking. So, either cut finely and cook with the rice (as I do here), or cook separately in a little water and butter, blend to a liquid using a stick blender, and add back into the risotto at the end.
  2. Prepare the stock.
  3. Make your soffrito: finely slice onion and garlic and cook in olive oil until soft.
  4. If you’re cooking the cavolo in the risotto, add it now, and cook for a few minutes.
  5. Add the rice and keep stirring – it will try to stick!
  6. After a minute of cooking the rice dry, add stock, a ladleful at a time, waiting until each has been absorbed. Stir frequently to avoid sticking.
  7. After about 20-25 minutes, the rice will be cooked and creamy. Try some to make sure it has no residual hardness.
  8. Finish up by adding a knob of butter and parmesan and adjust seasoning as required.

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