What's cooking?

The cheesy challenge!

If you’d love someone to tell you that cheese-making is easy, look away now! My cheese-making adventures have been no fairytale… (Though they do involve tuffets of curd and whey…)


Attempt number one

Abject failure. Used US recipe and didn’t realise the temperatures were in Fahrenheit. Four litres of milk down the drain.

Okay so you won’t be stupid enough to make this mistake. But read on…

Attempt number two

Followed Frugal Kiwi’s excellent instructions. Unfortunately, not closely enough.

Who would’ve thought the bottled water in this country almost all has chlorine in it? Do they just get it from the tap or something? This made the final stage of stretching my mozzarella really difficult.

Half the cheese I made was yum. The other half of the mixture was thrown away because I was just too darn exhausted to work it any more. (I may have used a stronger expletive than ‘darn’ at the time, but this is a family-friendly site. :))

Attempt number three (pictured)

I was pretty determined by now. I had all my ingredients and my thermometer to hand. This mozzarella definitely worked better than attempts one and two, and was mozzarella-ey. However, it doesn’t look as pretty and smooth as Frugal Kiwi’s photos.

Perhaps this is to do with unpasteurised milk? Or am I doing something else wrong?

Anyways, the cheese was enjoyed in a variety of dishes, including this salad!


Watch this space for future perfect cheese-making attempt number four…


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