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The baked ratatouille

The baked ratatouille

It’s Mediterranean vegetable ‘glut’ season. Every year I wait and I wait for zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant to ripen, convinced there’s no way I’m going to be ‘over’ them this year. And every year there’s a glut!

Luckily, someone gave me some sound advice when I was 18.

“Ratatouille! It’s so good and you can make lots and eat it through the winter,” she explained.

She was one of the many wonderful women I was an in-home care assistant to during my university holidays. I still have the apron she gave me when she finally moved out of her own home.

This week, I had just about everything I needed (bar peppers and mushrooms) and I was determined to finally take that advice. I made do with a jar of preserved peppers, and skipped the mushrooms altogether.

This recipe was easy and worked great and it was so yum, I’m now very full! (I don’t think I’ll have any left over come winter…)

Let me pass on some good advice: ratatouille. It’s even yummy to say. 🙂


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