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Breakfast of champions of the geocache!

Zucchini omelette

Breakfast of champions of the geocache is… an omelette!

Today was a perfect day for a tramp, and someone had just mentioned ‘geocaching‘ to me. What a fantastic idea! Like a worldwide community treasure hunt using GPS co-ordinates! There are six caches to find in Duders Regional Park (near Maraetai), so I couldn’t resist giving geocaching a go!

Naturally, I needed a good breakfast for my first attempt.

I’ve got zucchini and a yellow variety of cherry toms ripening in the garden, so whatever I made had to include those. I grated the zucchini and added some directly to the egg mix – so it was a bit like a cross between a zucchini fritter and an omelette. I also threw in some allspice (which is delicious with egg) and some cooked potato I had leftover from a potato bake. Yum and healthy.

And I found my first cache! 🙂


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