Best fly fishing in New Zealand?

Ngongotaha Stream trout

Ngongotaha Stream trout

I thought I’d round off my gastronomical tour of the central North Island with a culinary-related hobby I barely knew existed here until recently: fly fishing. Apparently we have a world-famous trout river right here in New Zealand. It’s completely unpronounceable (Ngongotaha Stream) and therefore called the Ngongy for short. 🙂 Seriously, I’m not making this up.

I got up close and personal with some of the aforementioned trout (Rainbow, Brown and Tiger, for those in the know) when I visited Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park. Which was charming. Great for kids, or just if you happen to be a big kid who likes animals, like me.

The different kinds and age groups of trout are pretty impressive and you can feed them close up, if you so desire. But even more impressive were the eels. I seriously thought some of those bad boys were logs until they moved. Freaky!

Eels in Ngongotaha Stream, Paradise Valley Springs

Eels in Ngongotaha Stream, Paradise Valley Springs

Aptly, my whole gastronomical tour finished with a fishy encounter as well. My last night in the central North Island was New Year’s Eve, and I spent it on the beach near Napier with friends. This little chap was the first fish caught in 2013! (He returned to the Pacific a few moments later.)

First fish of 2013!

First fish of 2013!


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