Buzzy Cocktail!

Recently, Bees Blessing honey-based cordials seem to be everywhere. I spotted a bottle of their Cider Vinegar and Honey Cordial in the Arataki Honey Visitor Centre on my gastronomical tour of the central North Island and decided to try it.

I’ve heard people swear by drinking cider vinegar daily. It sounds like one of those things your great aunt did every day of her (long) life… Well, if the Cider Vinegar and Honey combination sounds like a salad dressing, I’m afraid it tastes a bit like one too. But not in a horrible way. After the first glass, I’ve continued drinking it.

Then I spotted the Mohito recipe in the Bees Blessing leaflet and realised I had all the ingredients!*

(* Admittedly, it recommends using the Lemon Honey Cordial, but still.)

Mine didn’t look nearly so elegant, being honey coloured and cloudy rather than transparent. Which makes me think this is probably not an actual picture of one… Anyways, it’s quite a nice, healthy-tasting cocktail. Worth a try, especially if you want to feel wholesome while knocking back rum.

Lemon Honey Mohito

Lemon Honey Mohito recipe from Bees Blessing


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