Gastronomical tour of the North Island

My time between Christmas and New Year has been spent doing the things I love best:

  1. Camping
  2. Exploring
  3. Trying new great food!

I set off with my trusty Mitsubishi Colt and my backpack right after Christmas, an intrepid explorer determined to find out what the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay have to offer our palates. (Okay, so I didn’t take in the whole of the North Island this time – but I’ll be back!)

There were triumphs! There were disasters! There was the beginning of a serious cheese addiction…

Over the next few posts I’ll share my experiences with…

  • Rewena bread
  • Silky Oak chocolates
  • Dining with Mr D
  • Hohepa  biodynamic cheese
  • Possibly the worst waitress in the world
  • Planning food for camping & tramping
  • The best trout fishing river in the world
  • Apricots, strawberries & other seasonal fare from the orchard of New Zealand
  • A historic winery
  • The biggest bee-keeper in the southern hemisphere

Your comments keep me going – feel free to press that button as we go.


6 thoughts on “Gastronomical tour of the North Island

  1. PS My camera packed up shortly into the trip (possibly something to do with me shoving it into hot springs to take pictures…).
    It appears to be impossible to take a good photo (or even an in-focus photo) with my phone camera, so apologies in advance for the fuzziness until I get a new camera!

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