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Another way with cranberry sauce

Cranberry and philly on fruit toast

Cranberry and philly on fruit toast

It’s leftover season and nothing is sadder than that little jar of cranberry sauce, faithfully purchased once a year and then left, three-quarters full, until it’s eventually thrown out in May.

Cranberry sauce could be so much more!

It can be a tart, colourful addition to many a plate, not least of which is with cheese. And I don’t mean just the hackneyed ‘brie and cranberry’ pairing – tasty though that is. I had a blue cheese recently that went a treat with cranberry jelly. Pictured above is my brunch of cranberry and low-fat Philadelphia cream cheese on fruit toast – a post-Christmas guilt-free treat!

It’s also awesome with caramelised red cabbage, e.g. try this red cabbage and cranberry recipe.

So get your thinking caps on and make the most of that little jar while it’s there. I look forward to hearing about your ideas!


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