Quirky yes, but does Moa deliver?

Fast-growing and unusual Marlborough beer Moa is often in our headlines. But should we be proud or scornful of this local-brand-gone-global?

Five reasons why Moa is all quirk

  1. Their marketing is provocative, for example, they sponsored the Great Easter Bunny Hunt, and offered a beer bounty to anyone destroying the Wellywood sign.
  2. They got pinged for pretending to bleep out an expletive in an ad, but missing the expletive.
  3. They call themselves premium and close the bottle with a champagne cork and wire arrangement to prove it.
  4. Their investment prospectus included raunchy, misogynistic ’50s style photos and glossy ads for unrelated products, like an Aston Martin.
  5. When a fire broke out at their Olympians party in London, they released a tongue-in-cheek ad about inspiring Olympic running (away) in their insurer.

And one good reason to drink it anyway

  1. It tastes really good.

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