Bulgarian pepper relish



There are lots of trendy cuisines in the world and then there’s Balkan cuisine. Not so sought-after.

But it should be.

The Balkans are sandwiched between – and influenced by – several great food traditions: Mediterranean, Slavic, Turkish… Their climate is great for fruit and vegetables, and they are famous for their elaborate salads, hot and cold soups and stews. It’s probably where yoghurt originated from, thousands of years ago. This style of cooking would suit people trying to avoid frying – much food is baked or steamed.

Try ajvar: a tasty dip /relish made from red peppers and eggplant. You can find it here through Konex Foods, a Bulgarian producer (pictured). It’s a brilliant bright red – brings a touch of celebratory colour to every table! Or make your own!

Ajvar & bagel chips

Ajvar & bagel chips


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