Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Auckland

Dante's in Ponsonby

Dante’s in Ponsonby

There’s nothing quite as memorable as a real pizza experience. When the base, the sauce and the mozzarella all come together on the perfect pizza… you’ll never forget it.

You can have a taste of this sublimity without going to Naples, however.  One of the only Neapolitan trained pizzaiolos in Auckland is Kevin of Dante’s pizzeria, now to be found in the charming Ponsonby Central complex. It’s a small, informal place with plenty of character.

Kevin made me a Regina Margherita, and queenly it was. Great base, right amount of flavoursome sauce and good quality buffala mozzarella on top. Mmmm.


Dante’s neat website gives all the background on their philosophy…



2 thoughts on “Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Auckland

  1. I met this amazing english pizzaiolos a few months ago in Auckland…and i have to make it clear for everyone; his Regina Margherita is just the BEST PIZZA I’VE EVER EAT!!! Furthermore, I radically felt in love with his positiv philosophy of life, the love he gives to each pizza he cooks and his power of sharing his passion throughout his wonderful smile and his kind thought for the others! Thanks my dear Kevino and keep on rocking with Maximo (the second french pizzaiolo of Dante’s team!!!!)

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