Frucor: is this a joke?

Frank logo

Frank has some appealing pack design, and I love blood orange juice. On the face of it, Frank drinks should be right up my street.

Tangy Blood Orange Frank

Tangy Blood Orange Frank

It looks gorgeous – bright red-orange with floating bits of fruit. The bottle neck boldly proclaims ‘no funny stuff’.

Frank: "No funny stuff"

Frank: “No funny stuff”

What exactly does ‘no funny stuff’ mean? I guess we’re meant to assume it means no artificial additives, etc.  The lawyers probably wouldn’t let them be too specific…

Underneath a headline saying “Tastes good. Here’s the reason” we find a surprising list of ingredients.

Frank - surprising ingredients list

Frank – surprising ingredients list

There’s only 4.7% of orange juice in there. Not fresh, but reconstituted. It’s probably not even blood orange, for all I can tell.

So what other ‘non-funny stuff’ is in there?

As well as a bunch of sugar (about the same amount as regular Coca-Cola), we have acidity regulators, artificial colours, and artificial preservatives. Sounds pretty much like any other carbonated soft drink to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for preservatives, and even appearance enhancers. But don’t try to tell me your drink is extra specially ‘frank’, honest or transparent if you’re going to use a bunch of chemicals that people can’t identify!

I feel conned.

Frucor, is this some kind of joke?



2 thoughts on “Frucor: is this a joke?

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