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Asparagus frittata

Asparagus frittata with fresh tomato salad

Asparagus frittata with fresh tomato salad

More asparagus springtime goodness!

Asparagus goes really well with eggs.

Eggs: a troubled history?

The history of PR for and against eggs is a roller-coaster ride. They’ve been labelled good for your health, bad for your health, conveniently quick to cook, dangerously laced with salmonella, cruel to animals and the ultimate way of showing yuppie green creds.

My Sunset Free Range eggs boast an SPCA 'tick'.

My Sunset Free Range eggs boast an SPCA ‘tick’.

The whole ‘buy free range eggs’ campaign, while admirable, did make hypocrites of us all. It became socially unacceptable to buy caged chicken eggs, and yet, did we apply the same logic to the chicken meat we were buying? Few do. It doesn’t help that there’s such a confusion of labels and regulations around – ‘organic’, for example, often doesn’t mean what we assume.

Battery hens

Battery hens

The egg versus chicken double standard reminds me of the ‘Save the Whales’ campaign. A whale makes a great poster child and marketing is all about clarity of message. But it does mean people miss the more important principle. The evidence suggests we’ve already destroyed the ecosystems of the world’s oceans by over-fishing them. Whether, as in the Nirvana lyric, it’s okay because fish don’t have feelings, or it’s not, it may be naive to save the photogenic whale while munching down on tuna.

Conscientious consumerism? I’d settle for conscious consumerism. Conscious of the bigger picture, that is.


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