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Spring pasta / Pasta alla primavera

Spring pasta

Spring pasta / Pasta alla primavera

I love it when the first peas and asparagus are ready and I can make this wonderful fresh green vegetable pasta, dressed in just good olive oil and parmigiano cheese.  It really lets the veggies’ flavour speak for itself. Mmmm.

Well, my pea plants are a bit retarded, bless ’em, but I think just including asparagus means we can call this dish pasta alla primavera (spring pasta).

How to make spring pasta

  1. Boil 500g pasta and…
  2. … simultaneously lightly steam a generous quantity of fresh veggies (the classic ones are asparagus, fava beans and peas, but I think it’s good to be adaptable!).
  3. Toss the lot with extra virgin olive oil (preferably the good stuff – you’ll taste the difference here). Season. Throw in a mix of fresh herbs too if you have them – chives, parsley and mint are all nice in this.
  4. Finally add a good grating of 21 month parmigiano.

Enjoy with a crisp white Verdicchio or somesuch. Spring has sprung.


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