Over the moon

Over The Moon Galactic Gold

Over The Moon “Galactic Gold” cheese, Maison Therese balsamic onion marmalade and 180 Degrees lavosh

A foray to Farro has delivered not one, but two, yummy discoveries.

Over the Moon

Y’know that disappointing feeling you get when you pick up a cheap Brie or Camembert: the texture is too firm and it just tastes of nothing?

Well, forget about it. That’s not what Galactic Gold is about. One bite of this stuff and I was transported back to holidays in France where nothing had ever tasted so good before…

The Over the Moon website gives a little historical background:

The French version is mainly made in the Loire and Normandy and is probably one of the oldest cheeses from this area. Originally developed by Trappist Monks in France to eat instead of meat on their fasting days, they were originally banned on French public transport because of their strong “smelly socks” aroma!

Yum. No, really, yum. Highly recommended to all cheese lovers.



Garlic and Linseed Lavosh snacks

Apricot Hazelnut Choc Wafers - another 180 Degrees product

Apricot Hazelnut Choc Wafers – another 180 Degrees product

I have, at best, a superficial understanding of middle eastern cuisine. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is what lavosh / lavash normally comes out like.

But moving past that, these are snackilicious! They’re halfway between a cracker and a chip. Nice place to be – perfect with both dips and cheese! They taste great – not so salty as to be junk food, but not too dry or bland, so you can eat them on their own. These ones are garlic and linseed – both of which flavours I love, but which aren’t overpowering here.

180 degrees is a relatively young kiwi company with an international outlook.

They also do some scrummy-looking fancy biscuits.


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