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Kiwifruit green salad

Kiwifruit green salad

Kiwifruit green salad

The great thing about getting an Ooooby box of organic veggies delivered is that you’re forced to try new things. And unless you like repetition, you may be forced to try preparing them in several different ways! I like the challenge this gives to my creative side.

I’m currently going through a glut of kiwifruit, both tart green and sweet yellow. I eat them as they are on a regular basis, and I’ve also done sorbet, but they’re starting to go squishy before I get to them. Oh, and I’ve also got lettuce growing in the garden faster than I can eat it. Time for a new invention: kiwifruit green salad.


One yellow kiwifruit – peel and chop
One green kiwifruit – peel and chop
Lettuce – tear up
Dressing of your choice (I used balsamic vinegar and salt)




I also tried an arrangement I’d seen in a restaurant once. What do you think – pretty or a bit pretentious?


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