Phoenix Organics does hot drinks!


Phoenix Organic Lemon Toddy

Phoenix Organics‘ yummy juices and ginger beer is familiar by now, but who knew they did hot drinks? Not I!

I sampled Lemon Toddy today thanks to a friend and I was buzzing with lemony zing by the time I’d finished.

The hot drinks (there’s also a Chai) are actually cordials, so one 500ml bottle would make a lot of drinks. This one contains nothing but honey, lemon and ginger in generous proportions. I was worried the ginger would be overpowering (drinking ginger always reminds me of being ill – so I don’t enjoy it much!) but this is actually really tasty. They describe it as “a get-well potion in a mug” – and I bet it would be comforting if you’re up to your ears in flu or something. But also good on normal days!



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