Obento Udon Noodles – ready meal with a difference?

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Oriental Merchant is an Australian company which makes lots of Chinese and Japanese foods. I’ve found and enjoyed their organic Japanese noodles before now – they come in really pretty packs as well, with each portion of dried noodles bound with a strip of paper.

I’m always on the lookout for easy meals to have on days when I work late or am rushing, so when I saw their noodle bowl, I was keen to try.

This comes with – in my view – a serious excess of packaging. The noodles, dried vegetables, sauce, sesame seeds and even the fork come with a separate plastic wrap, and then there’s the bowl too. It’s easy to cook and economical. I enjoyed the noodles, which come in soy flavoured sweet and sour sauce. It might be a little close to glorified super-noodles for me to try again, but it will be a convenient option for those who take lunch to work.


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