Why I stopped eating ‘normal’ bread

Wild Wheat kumara sourdough and Monte Vecchio cheese

Felicity Lawrence, Guardian journo and author of the excellent book “Not on the Label”, convinced me to stop eating shop-bought bread years ago. (A brief version of her reasoning is contained in the Bees n’ Beans blog.) I slipped out of my good habits after a couple of years and a few changes of country and eating style. Now I only make my own bread when I feel the need to pummel something :).

I was delighted, therefore, to discover Wild Wheat, a much-lauded Auckland bread-maker which sticks to the good old-fashioned way of making bread – their website makes good reading on the subject. Felicity would be impressed.

Luckily Ooooby delivers Wild Wheat bread with my veggie box, so I don’t have to trek across town to find it. This was my first experience with kumara sourdough, which is a super tasty bread which went with my Monte Vecchio cheese like a marriage made in heaven (more on that shortly).

Now, I wouldn’t recommend kumara sourdough for when your denture-wearing great-aunt visits. That crust is hearty after all. But this is the perfect bread to have with something like this soup.

I’m keen to try more Wild Wheat breads – which ones do you enjoy? Anyone tried the bagels yet? They look yum!


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