Need suggestions on German food and drink!

Black Forest Gateau

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

I recently started a German course and I’m keen to find out more about German culture. How better than through food and drink traditions?

What are your suggestions for…

            • German recipes?
            • German products?
            • German eateries?

Are you a German living in New Zealand? What traditions do you keep up here?


5 thoughts on “Need suggestions on German food and drink!

  1. Bergader cheese
    Since posting this, a discovery!
    My normally rather bleak supermarket stocks this Bavarian blue cheese (slightly confusingly, the label is in Italian…).
    Yum! This is a real blue, full of sharp gorgeousness and seriously addictive.
    Is this a typical thing for Bavaria? Where does blue cheese originate from anyway?
    Bergader packet

  2. Hi! I live in Sweden, but one of my best friends is from Berlin and visits her boyfriend here every month. She is a keen baker and around every Christmas she bakes cookies… for about a month 😉 I think the basic recipe is for “butterplätzchen” but she makes different shapes and varieties and they are delicious and adorable. She uses her grandma’s recipe, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get a hold of her family secret. But I’ll happily eat the cookies! 😉
    Oh- and she often brings me German chocolates… I can try to let you know some brands if I remember.
    Enjoy your course!

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