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Pantzarosalata: 2 recipes for Greek beetroot dip

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The best thing about mezze, tapas, thali and any other platter-style eating is that you hedge your bets. You’re sure to love something on there. Quite apart from that, they’ve always got interesting combinations of flavours and textures and are great for sharing.

Cafe Jazz on Remuera Road does a pleasant mezze platter. The point of interest for me was the yummy bright pink dip. I guessed that it might be some kind of beetroot mayonnaise from the flavour, and hurried onto Google to do some research. Turns out it was Pantzarosalata and can be made either with yoghurt or with vinegar. I tried Madhur Jaffrey’s vinegar version, kindly posted on the TastyCurryLeaf blog (I picked this one mainly because I didn’t have any yoghurt at the time, but with the added bonus of being able to serve it to dairy intolerants, vegans, etc.).

The results? The intense pink and the sweetness (even with plenty of vinegar) put me off at first. But then I tried flatbread sandwiches with pantzarosalata, creamy feta and lettuce. Wow! So good I went back and made another two. 🙂

Great for a healthy meal which is cheap to make but looks quite fancy! Would also be perfect in burgers.


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