What's cooking?

‘Tis the season…

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding

…to make Christmas pudding!

“Oh no it’s not!” I hear you say.

No one wants to think about Christmas yet. But Christmas puddings are intended to mellow before the big event. They are traditionally made before advent along with wish-making, throwing in of silver treats, each member of the family stirring and other customs. Being short on silver and family members, I skipped to the fun part: the ingredients.

A feast for the nose

Making Christmas pudding brings together all of the best smells and colours in cooking: orange and lemon zest, cinnamon and other spices, nuts, brandy…

You need to soak the dried fruit in the brandy a day in advance, but after that’s done, it’s really easy – most ingredients are just mixed together. I used Elaine Lemm’s recipe. Elaine also has a page on the traditions surrounding the pud so I’m guessing she’s something of an expert. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – which I won’t do until Christmas – so watch this space for the verdict!

Betting on a basin

Murphy’s Law dictated that I shouldn’t be able to find my pudding basin when it was time to make Christmas pudding, so I had to go shopping for a new one. The first two kitchenware shops I tried didn’t know what pudding basins were – useless! Luckily the Homestore had a great selection. I was annoyed at the price tag at first – I spent $35 to get a non-stick one – but I’ve decided it was worth it. The clip on lid and handles were so much more practical than my usual McGuyver-like attempts with string and foil/paper/muslin on my traditional basin.

Non-stick pudding basin from the Homestore


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