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Black forest vice cream

Black Forest Vice Cream

Black forest vice cream with berry coulis

I got a Sunbeam Snowy ice cream churn recently and I’ve been having great fun making unusual desserts in it! Electric ice cream makers don’t cost a lot and are great fun. They consist of a bowl which you freeze in advance and an electric churn paddle. The goal is to freeze and keep the ice cream moving at the same time so you don’t get ice crystals. You can imagine what a pain this is to do by hand.

So far I’ve made up my own recipes for:

  • Roast chestnut & choc chip stracciatella ice cream
  • Kiwifruit sorbet
  • Lo-cal lemon sorbet snacks using Splenda granular and arrowroot

If you’d like to see these recipes featured here, just drop me a comment.

But one thing I had never tried until today was vice cream. Vice cream is vegan ice cream, made rich and creamy with nuts. It’s popular amongst raw food enthusiasts and, well, vegans. Raw food is not for me – I think cooking is the best thing that ever happened to food! – but I do love nut flavoured ice cream so I was keen to give this a try.

I used a recipe shared on the Gone Raw forum for Black Forest vice cream, using cocoa instead of carob.

I’m impressed with the results. The consistency is great, and it’s rich and chocolatey. I probably could have got the consistency even smoother if I had a better food processor.

Will you try vice cream? Share your thoughts and recipes via a comment.


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